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No Thoroughfare Trail Wildfire Mitigation

The week of October 10-14, 2022 teams from the City of Grand Junction Fire Department, Parks Department, and Project Team will be working along a section of No Thoroughfare Trail to reduce the risk of wildfire in the area. The trail will be temporarily closed during this time, with a map of the suggested pedestrian and bike detour below.

This will involve thinning invasive plants and removing dead and down trees to improve the health of the urban forest and reduce the risk of high-intensity fire near homes, businesses, and critical infrastructure. The crews will be using chainsaws and chippers to accomplish this goal, while being mindful of preserving habitat for animals in the area.

Fire Chief Ken Watkins said, "This is our first proactive wildfire mitigation project as a department. We're proud of our City crews working together to protect the community while improving the health of our urban forests and the experience of our trails."

“We’re happy to join this effort to promote the health of the urban tree canopy and to reduce wildfire risk”, said Parks and Rec. director Ken Sherbenou. “It is a proactive step to help ensure our public open spaces that are so critical to our quality life are safe and well managed.”

For more information on this project contact Grand Junction Fire Department Community Outreach Office at 970-549-5800 or by email at


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