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Riverfront Collaborative Mitigation Projects Beginning Spring 2022

Two Rivers Wildfire Coalition, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Colorado State Forest Service, City of Grand Junction, Colorado Correctional Industries

Update: 5/17/2023 SWIFT Crews will continue working over the next couple of weeks in the area of Connected Lakes to complete this grant. If you live in the area expect to hear and see crews with chainsaws and chippers. MESA COUNTY

Through the collaboration of Two Rivers Wildfire Coalition, local agencies are teaming up to tackle wildfire fuels reduction along the river in Grand Junction. Colorado Parks and Wildlife recently received a Colorado Strategic Wildfire Action Program grant (CoSWAP) to conduct wildfire fuel reduction along the riverfront.

Working together with the Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Colorado State Forest Service, the City of Grand Junction, the State Wildland Inmate Fire Team, and private landowners, nearly 62 acres will be treated across land ownership boundaries. It is estimated that these projects will protect approximately 340 homes, and 21 businesses.

The project will have four main areas including land within and adjoining Connected Lakes State Park, Letha Jean State Wildlife Area, and Walter Walker State Wildlife Area. Work will begin in the area of Indian Wash, and it is expected that crews will work throughout the spring and in the fall on the different project areas.

For more information on these projects, contact Pete Firmin at

Mitigation Project Area Description

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