Two Rivers Wildfire Coalition is launching a new program that allows residents to learn from and engage with local experts about topics related to wildfire. The Learning Network will consist of monthly virtual meetings that are free and available to the public, all one has to do is complete the Learning Network contact form to receive an invitation to the events.

The first Learning Network session will be held on Tuesday, April 19th from 6:00-7:00 p.m. Experts from the National Weather Service will offer a community briefing of the upcoming fire weather forecast, and Grand Valley Power will share free things you can do to prepare your family and your home for wildfire season.

April 19th, 6:00-7:00 PM

  • National Weather Service- Fire Weather Forecast

  • Grand Valley Power- Free things you can do to prepare your family and home

May 17th, 6:00-7:00 PM

  • Bureau of Land Management- Fire Science and Behavior- know your risk factors

June 21st, 6:00-7:00 PM

  • Mesa County Sheriff’s Office- Preventing wildfires

  • Grand Junction Fire Department- How to make a wildfire plan with your family

July 19th, 6:00-7:00 PM

  • How to form a neighborhood wildfire team

August 16th, 6:00-7:00 PM

  • An Overview of Fire Risk in Mesa County

Two Rivers Wildfire Coalition is a collaborative non-profit focused on protecting Mesa County communities and natural resources by bolstering wildfire preparedness mitigation, response, and recovery efforts. With over 15 federal, state, local, non-profit, and private agencies working together, the group looks forward to completing more mitigation and education projects in the area in the coming year.

For more information on the Learning Network, contact 970-697-7052.


Two Rivers Wildfire Coalition and Fire Adapted Colorado


Two Rivers Wildfire Coalition (TRWC) was recently awarded an Opportunity Fund Grant from Fire Adapted Colorado to help launch the “Make Some Noise” outreach program.

Through this program, when TRWC partner agencies are conducting wildfire fuels reduction, TRWC will work to connect the surrounding neighborhoods with information about the project and resources to support them in reducing the risk of wildfire on their own properties.

Fire Adapted Colorado Communications and Operations Specialist Cindy Howard said, “Through the generous support of the Argosy Foundation as well as a successful September Wildland Fire Conference that was held in Grand Junction, we were able to offer our Wildfire Resilience Opportunity Fund Awards to nine of Fire Adapted Colorado’s member organizations. This seed funding enables those organizations who lead wildfire resilience in their communities, to act on the passion and needs that they understand, for projects that are hard to fund.”

As part of the $17,810 of total awards given by Fire Adapted Colorado to nine agencies, the $2,660 grant for TRWC will help provide initial supplies to do that outreach including signage for projects, neighborhood outreach materials, and online resources for residents. TRWC partner agencies will provide $13,781 in in-kind and cash match to the Opportunity Fund Grant.

Each fuel reduction project area will be different; some may bring awareness of wildfire risk to an area, others may provide cooperative green waste removal, and some may have volunteer opportunities. With the initial outreach materials and online resources TRWC will be able to connect neighbors with education and resources about how they can help make Mesa County a fire adapted community.

For more information contact Ellis Thompson-Ellis, TRWC Co-Chair, at 970-549-5837.


Updated: Mar 28

Two Rivers Wildfire Coalition, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Colorado State Forest Service, City of Grand Junction, Colorado Correctional Industries


Through the collaboration of Two Rivers Wildfire Coalition, local agencies are teaming up to tackle wildfire fuels reduction along the river in Grand Junction. Colorado Parks and Wildlife recently received a Colorado Strategic Wildfire Action Program grant (CoSWAP) to conduct wildfire fuel reduction along the riverfront.

Working together with the Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Colorado State Forest Service, the City of Grand Junction, the State Wildland Inmate Fire Team, and private landowners, nearly 62 acres will be treated across land ownership boundaries. It is estimated that these projects will protect approximately 340 homes, and 21 businesses.

The project will have four main areas including land within and adjoining Connected Lakes State Park, Letha Jean State Wildlife Area, and Walter Walker State Wildlife Area. Work will begin in the area of Indian Wash, and it is expected that crews will work throughout the spring and in the fall on the different project areas.

For more information on these projects, contact Pete Firmin at

Mitigation Project Area Description